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07-Jul-2020 08:39

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If we can’t directly observe the market for a mate, we only really have two options if we want to determine people’s preferences: ask people their preferences or observe the outcome of the market.Neither one of these options is satisfactory though.Really what we want to do is observe people’s choices directly which is why dating websites are so useful to us. What if I have a hypothesis that when choosing a mate, men care more about their potential partner’s appearance than her income and women care more about her potential partner’s income than his appearance. A woman/man can choose between communicating with two people.One earns ,000 a year and is more attractive than 9 out of 10 people on the market.And yet, despite all of the options (design and style) out there, the majority of British women are still walking around wearing the wrong sized-bra.One hundred years on from the brassiere’s creation, most women are getting it wrong because they either don’t get measured properly, are shy, can’t be bothered, or are deliberately wearing the wrong size as they cannot possibly fathom being larger than a DD – the default cup for all glamour models so it seems.In the first study of its kind analysing the mental health implications of breast size, scientists found the negative impact was the same for girls suffering macromastia - a condition which causes abnormally large breasts.Girls with different-sized breasts have poorer emotional well-being and lower self-esteem than their peers.

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If women didn’t care about looks and only cared about money, the figure would be much, much lower.I will never forget during my attempt to find ‘something special for my wedding night’, how one particular luxury underwear brand’s moody saleswoman spoke to me when I dared to inquire if their basques came in a cup size larger than a B.