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Hi All, So I was watching Community with my bf yesterday, and there's a scene where Britta gets spanked with from Troys grandma.

She's expecting to be hit on the hand but the old lady makes her drop her jeans and bend over for it.

This made me lol massively and I made a comment like 'my mum sure must have known her' which got us started talking about how our parents disciplined us as kids.

Apparently she thinks that remark makes me a pervert.

It was a joke, and I certainly didn’t intend to give the spanking myself.

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My bf is younger than me, but only by a couple of years and he was genuinely shocked by this and said he'd never heard anything like it.You don’t mention having done so, and if you still haven’t, there’s no time like the present.Offer a genuine, unmitigated apology; tell your friend that this was a custom you were familiar with as a kid, that you joked about it without thinking, that you’re sorry for making her uncomfortable and for suggesting—even in jest—that someone should spank her daughter, and that you’ll never say something like that again.STARRINGVIctor Rodriguez (Cub Scout, Bears In Space.

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Hopefully your friend will take you at your word and you two can move on, but whether she responds the way you’d like her to or not, apologizing (and amending your behavior in the future) is still the right thing to do. Money between friends: I recently got a pretty good job and I live with my fiancée, who also makes a good amount of money.