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26-Mar-2020 01:06

Kraak / 11 Stevenson Square / Northern Quarter / Manchester / M1 1DB A new speed dating concept, Boy Meets Girl, makes its way to Shack Bar & Grill tonight. Well apparently what’s new is it “ Poets come together and recite their award winning poetry and some of their all time favourites at Three Minute Theatre tonight for this 3MT Friday Night Live show and all they need is you as a live audience for the recordings to go online on their radio show.

The Northern Quarter’s “Hippest Boogie Den”, No Ho‘s resident DJs crank up the beats and unleash the classics onto the floor of revellers before them.

The Monochrome Set formed in 1978 when art rock band The B-Sides split (whose name-changing bassist Stuart Goddard formed Adam & The Ants).

With a whimsical pop sensibility, clever lyrics and an idiosyncratic, retrogressive guitar-led sound, they bridged the gap between freak beat and post punk and effectively paved the way for groups such as The Smiths and influenced a whole family tree of bands from Orange Juice and Fire Engines to The Divine Comedy, Graham Coxon and Franz Ferdinand.

Tonight they are joined by special guests Sallie Reynolds & Richard Penrith.

From high in the DJ control deck he witnesses the shapes, the struts and the boogies as he plays out 80? You will be moved and if you need to reserve an area or a table so you have your own personal spot then get in touch with the bar.

No Ho / Corner Stevenson Square & Spear Street / Northern Quarter / Manchester / M1 1FB Friday night is changing for the better at Dry Bar as they bring us good times at Good Vibes, a mix of funk, disco, soul, indie, R’n’B, house, pop and dance. offers a night packed full of disco, funk and house with a few breaks along the way and even some hip hop and reggae to mix the night up a little.

Uniformly the cast are excellent throughout, Tara Bethan gave a stunning performance as the Narrator, again another contestant from a BBC talent show this time the search for Nancy, her vocals were warm and seductive and her innocent like charm shone in her eyes as she led the audience through the story of Joseph.

Stephen Webb as the Pharaoh could shake his hips like no other, seductively weaving his Elvis like charms to all the women in the audience, relishing his time on the stage.

After an emotional farewell to co founder Paul Bailey it’s now up to residents Liam Beckett and brothers Anthony and Michael Davies to step up and run the club alongside original founder Sam Mc Ewen.

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