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We now have the evidence upon which to hypothesize that the Asian Tsunami of December 26, 2004 (Boxing Day) may have been caused by gravity waves which accompanied a gamma ray burst caused by the explosion of a Neutron Star in the Constellation Saggitarius, some 45,000 light years from Earth.

"both our species' recent history and that of the crust of our planet, have been both gradual and catastrophic.

EM strategic warfare includes weather, climate and earth event warfare.

Researchers have reported the use of EM weapons in anti-population mind-control operations over major cities.

Yet the predictive capabilities of the Earth sciences (catastrophic geology; seismology; vulcanology; climatology) give little indication that Earth changes of cataclysmic proportions are about to occur on Earth.

EM fields can superheat the ionosphere, devastating magnetic bands around the earth, and in turn causing massive disruption of the earths Tectonic plates.

A January 17, 1995 earthquake in Kobe, Japan may have been triggered by clandestine deployment of EM weapons.

Earth science analysis reveals no trend, evidence, or sign that cataclysmic Earth changes are about to occur.

A trend analysis of the full database of the United States Geological Service and the National Earthquake Information Service does not reveal that large scale Earth changes are at hand.In it, or related to it, there shall appear an "apparition" that will symbolize the way in which men have turned to materialism and to selfishness - in a sense, to death. Still, by jaded mind, science shall be inclined to dismiss it as natural events and phenomena.

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