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21-Mar-2020 20:30

No need to apologize for responding to a text two hours later.

Or for staying in on a Friday to save some money and get some sleep.

Set up a monthly automatic transfer to make it easy and check out these 94 painless ways to save more money. (I found a toothbrush works wonders on shower tiles.) Same goes for not dusting until dust bunnies take over or not washing your sheets until they start to smell bad. But acting like a sullen teenager, either IRL or over the phone, isn’t going to help.

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(Here's how to tell if your doubts are deal breakers or totally normal.) But overall, your partner should make you feel happy, secure, beautiful, and loved—and if those feelings haven’t surfaced in a long time, it may be time to rethink the partnership.New Years doesn’t have to be the only time to have a fresh start, and with spring on the horizon it's time to not only to clean, and throw out outdate cosmetics and creams, but to ditch bad habits.