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21-Jul-2020 02:33

He also helps Quinn Pensky with her scientific experiments, when he is not talking his way in and out of assorted sticky situations.

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After a long wait, Chase and Zoey share their awaited first kiss and officially become a couple in the series finale "Chasing Zoey." Dustin Brooks (Paul Butcher) is Zoey's younger brother.Her other best friends are Michael Barrett, Logan Reese and James Garrett.Zoey enjoys basketball and is one of the first girls on the PCA Basketball Team; she also enjoys designing clothes and backpacks.She briefly dates the dean's son and then dates James Garrett.

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Zoey sticks up for her friends and her little brother and proves herself as a true friend.

Zoey is a natural leader, whose spunk, charm and independent nature help her rally support for anything she does. ," she moves to London to go to a preparatory school called Covington while her dad works in England.

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