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14-Dec-2019 19:14

Two years ago, I got a text message from a number with a Las Vegas area code. Spammers’ lists of numbers have been multiplying as they shift their focus from email to mobile phones to take advantage of cellphone companies’ weaker spam filters.

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You talk to the girl on the telephone, then you meet her in person.And thanks to a fiendish device called a SIM box, the spammers can plug dozens, even hundreds, of SIM cards—each representing a different mobile phone number—into a single phone.By the time you’ve received a text and reported the number, there's a good chance it has been used hundreds of times and discarded.Your surest defense is to avoid replying to any mobile spam and to hold off on typing in your cellphone number on websites you don’t fully trust.

That won’t guarantee you immunity, since legitimate sites can be hacked for customers’ personal information, but it’s your best bet. They go like this: 1) Report spam to your carrier by forwarding the offending message to 7726 (that's SPAM on alphanumeric keypads), then copy the phone number it came from and send that along as well. 3) Tell your wireless carrier to block messages from the Internet.But don’t imagine that your tip is going to spur anyone to hunt down the scoundrel that spammed you and bring him to justice.

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