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I would open up my laptop to bring you some type of funny and enlightening story and I found that all I could bring you was nothing. And I just couldn’t manage to find the silver lining. I’m not trying to be all sappy but sometimes we ladies need to be honest with each other and allow ourselves to let people know that yes sometimes life can be hard and life can knock you down. Import the men in due to the low quality men that are here in LA. I was proud that I didn’t let my other girlfriend who cancelled at the last minute stop me from going. GUUUUUUUURRRRRLLLLLL Santa had come early and I had clearly been nice! It’s just not my thing.” It took everything in me not to roll my eyes. But it was certainly annoying as hell that this became the norm. I didn’t want to make it big deal, so I kept it moving and allowed myself to enjoy the date. Google has been my best friend on numerous occasions. ” Here “Kevin” was essentially telling me he had researched me. Unlike most women, I did not have the luxury of presenting a representative on a first or second date. “I was married for 26 years.” He motioned for another iced tea. And since he wasn’t a drinker I was making an effort not to drink my wine too fast.

I realized since my divorce that was final in 2011 I never took the time to just be still and sit with all that happened. And this time I decided to grab onto my destiny, listen to what my soul needed and I just took a damn break. And sometimes, you just gotta stay down for a while until you’re ready to get back up. And export them out of town before I get sick of them. I figured I would know someone at the party and I would be even more open because I wouldn’t have the security blanket of my homegirl to keep me from being open to meeting other people. The music was jamming, there was great food and people were getting it in on the dance floor. And because I was there by myself, or perhaps it was the new welcoming energy I was putting out, I felt like the belle of the ball. Why was God constantly sending me men that do not drink? Similar to our first encounter the conversation was easy and effortless. I had googled his ass too, but do you think I would tell him? And the fact he was telling me made me slightly uncomfortable and slightly annoyed. Because if a man reads my blog he is already privy to my personality, quirks, and idiosyncrasies. I really enjoyed reading your posts and I’m looking forward to your next Cocktails and Confessions event.” I really did appreciate the compliments.

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Whether you are living together or planning to get engaged and married, this would be a good topic to discuss. Can he honor your joint agreement around having a peer relationship? Are you afraid that he won’t find you as attractive as a woman?

But unlike the fool that stops calling you out of nowhere and then pops back up like nothing happened… Unlike when I have gone Ghost on men that I have decided to no longer date.

It was bound to happen sooner or later—it appears the brooding affections of one Rob Pattinson have been stolen away by a Brazilian fashion model. Celebuzz boards have been lit up for days with speculation that Pattinson, currently waist-deep in promotion for , has been cozying up to 21-year-old Annelyse Schoenberger.… continue reading »

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