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14-Mar-2020 14:38

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With Heartthrob and this new record, I haven’t even remotely thought about the guitar.

It just doesn’t play any role in my songwriting or performances.

When Heartthrob came out, you spoke about how hard it was for you to write such direct lyrics and not dress everything up in a metaphor—you’d sometimes pretend you were writing for other artists.

For new songs like “100x,” did that simplicity come any easier?

We still will play guitar for the old material, but I’m moving away from it in general.

If it does become something that we use in a live show, it’s going to be used in a really different way.

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Namely, is this the first Tegan and Sara album without a single guitar on it?Three years ago, Tegan and Sara transformed from indie rock mainstays to legitimate pop stars.Their 2013 album Heartthrob saw them crack Top 40 with synth-pop confections like “Closer” and share stages with the likes of Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.Greg claims there is guitar on, I believe, “U-turn,” but I would never be able to pick it out. I’m not making a statement like, “Guitars are dead!

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It’s funny, there’s a little bit of tension when Tegan and I talk about this because, for her, this idea of fully departing from any lineage to rock or indie rock, she doesn’t want to completely cut the tie there. ” I just haven’t thought about the guitar in terms of songwriting in a really long time.

For a lot of career, we were really struggling with trying to get people to avoid innuendo about sexuality and our sibling relationship.

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