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Dan told me that Rachel was a little shy and he did not want me to be surprised. Rachel came out from the bedroom in a thin t-shirt that went down to her thighs. Now my shorts were off, and I had nothing else on underneath. She told us she was wet as hell and was making a mess out of the chair, so we moved over to the living room.

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The entire time I was fucking her she was telling me how badly she wanted to feel my cum inside her, although her voice was a little muffled from Dan fucking her face mercilessly. He bent down, made eye contact with me and asked if I was okay and having fun. From time to time he'd smack my ass, which caused me to cry out, but I loved it. Jordan was fucking me hard and then switching to very slow.After about 30 minutes she was ready for more, and bent over on the floor and told me to fuck her from behind and pull her hair.

I told her "no" and walked around in front of her, grabbed her hair and intertwined my fingers in it and put my cock in her mouth.

She was taking both our cocks inside her at the same time, whispering in my ear and kissing me while telling me how much she loved knowing my cock was in her pussy and her husband's was in her ass.