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26-May-2020 06:08

These plots are used to relate a group of cores to each other by pattern matching.

Narrow rings are recorded as they occur on strips of graph paper with 2 mm divisions.

The tree-ring pages have a nice form that you can print out.

At least, look at this to see the kinds of information you should be collecting about your site.

The width of each ring is compared to that of the rings on either side of it; a long vertical line is drawn where a ring is considerably narrower than its neighbor, and a shorter line when it is only slightly narrower.

The oldest cores are crossdated to all other cores in order to formulate a master chronology.

Also, ensure that each ring-width series ends in 999.

The following is an example of the *file that is run through COFECHA: Ring widths are not only affected by climate but also change with tree age, height within the stem, site-specific characteristics and site productivity (Fritts, 1976).

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The type and accuracy of the measuring devices may vary.

This second annual ring is considered the false ring.

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