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For advanced users you may select Custom (Advanced) to view additional installer options.If you selected Express (Recommended), click "EXT".Verify the driver you download supports your product by viewing the "Supported Products" tab in the driver download section of the driver you select as shown in the example screenshot below: Once you have verified your graphics card is compatible with the driver you have downloaded, please close all open programs. If a file is saved to a temporary directory, it is possible Windows may delete the file while you are installing the driver which will result in a bad install. If you are installing a new graphics card in your PC, the Windows hardware installation wizard may be installing drivers separately.

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Restart your computer and your driver will be updated!One you have selected which graphic components you wish to install, click "3) The installer will copy all selected graphic components to your computer.After the installer has completed, you will see a window similar to the screenshot below. Once you are back in Windows, your installation has completed.There is another way to update NVIDIA Ge Force drivers.

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Type If updates are available, you will see a popup notification to this effect.

Once you have launched the NVIDIA display driver installation file, your first prompt will ask you for a location to save the NVIDIA driver files to.