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01-Jun-2020 08:45

It shows as complete on ATTRS/ACT and won't let me re-register.Is there a way to get my ERB to reflect that I have in fact completed SSD3?Now we can fire up the server and make sure that our changes work. One thing to think about before we get too far is that when we delete a list, we want to delete all of the tasks that are attached to that list. I completed my SSD3 back when I was a SPC, but with the new system it isn't populating on my ERB.

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I suggest you contact your former units S1 to get the situation corrected.If not a helpful error is raised: ``` Asset depends on 'bootstrap.js' to generate properly but has not declared the dependency Please add: `//= depend_on_asset "bootstrap.js"` to '/Users/schneems/Documents/projects/codetriage/app/assets/javascripts/erb' ``` Implementation is quite simple and limited to `helper.rb`, additional code is all around tests.