Updating old kitchen appliances

03-Jan-2020 12:53

Because there are no hard-fast rules on where the budget must be spent in the kitchen, how you splurge and save your money will depend on what’s most important to you.

The gourmet cook can justify an inflated budget for appliances and the splurge on a professional range. And then there’s the question of resale: How important is it for you to get a nice return-on-investment for your project?

In fact, a showpiece countertop could dictate the design in a kitchen—you may base decisions about cabinetry, color scheme and furniture like stools on the surface you choose. For instance, there are assorted grades of granite (rated 1-5 or on various scales depending on the manufacturer).

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“A stone countertop costs many times more than a laminate one, but will add beauty and value to your renovation,” Bauer-Kravette says. There are shortcuts if you want the beautiful surface on a budget.

For serious cooks, chef-grade ranges are worth the extra cost.

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