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The illustration validates an XML document that the user chooses, either or catelog1against the XML Schema document

You need one schema and two XML files to validate against the schema.

We can do that using in-memory objects or data from a database using ADO.

Net or using the Entity Framework depending on your requirements.

The following is LINQ to XML class hierarchy, I have copied this image from the MSDN to make the structure more clear. There are many more classes that can be used in LINQ to XML.Here I am explaining this using an in-memory object List.Sample code Manipulating XMLLINQ to XML provides a full set of methods for manipulating XML including insert, delete, copy and update XML content.Sample Code A XSD file can be added from the Microsoft project templates.

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There is an overloaded Add method provided for adding the schema files URI and target namespace.When the program encounters the invalid node, the method Validation Error is called that displays a message explaining why validation failed. An object of the class Xml Schema Set stores a collection of schemas that an Xml Reader can be validated against.