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At the end of volume seven, Yuzuyu is a happy teenager who has reunited with her childhood friend, Shouta. Because she lost her mother at a young age, she has a quiet personality.Her father quickly remarried and left Kokoro to fend for herself in a luxurious apartment, believing that because she was quiet, she would prefer to live alone.Aishiteruze Baby is a shōjo manga series that revolves around the life of Kippei, a popular high-school playboy who flirts with any girl he sees, without thinking about their feelings.His life is turned upside down when one day his aunt abandons his five-year-old cousin Yuzuyu at his house.However, she admits to Kippei that she had hoped she was pregnant, despite the problems that would arise, because it would mean that she would be able to spend more time with him. At the end of the manga, Kokoro and Kippei are living with his parents and it is implied that they are married. She is a school crossing guard, among other things.She teaches Kippei how to cook, starting with onigiri (rice-balls) because they are Yuzu's favorite food. Better known as Nee-chan (or "Sis" in the English version), Reiko is Kippei's bold and controlling older sister.Having been abandoned by her mother, Yuzuyu begins to adapt to her new life with Kippei as her guardian.

In addition, he cares for Yuzuyu's psychological well-being in the absence of her mother. It was serialized by Shueisha in Ribon from April 2002 and January 2005 and collected in seven bound volumes.