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Again the young man told Macarius there was no reaction.

So Macarius advised him to become like them: whether insulted or praised, do not become angry or proud, because this will harm the well-being of your soul.

This monastic movement, that attracted thousands in the course of the 4 century, was basically a lay-movement.

Pachomius asked priests from outside to celebrate mass in the churches of his monasteries and many hermits refused to be consecrated as priests.

The Essenes, a community in the Judean desert, practiced a life of religious devotion and abstinence, and south of Alexandria a community known as the Therapeutae must have lived a similar life of devotion to God.

Whether the earliest Christian hermits were inspired by Buddhist or Jewish examples is still a subject of discussion, but we do know that in Egypt in the 3 century CE people started withdrawing from society as individuals or in groups, for apparently various reasons and in different ways.

This is clear indication that the origin of the monastic movement was the personal seclusion rather than the communal life.

But the variety of monastic life according to a common rule and within a closed community developed soon afterwards.

From the 6 century onwards more and more bishops were recruited from monasteries, and sometimes monks or hermits were even forced to be ordained, trying to resist a return to the world that they had left behind.

Judging others would divert from one’s own sins and lead to anger and this, as all passions, would lead to the loss of inner peace.

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