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29-Mar-2020 10:39

American TV is all focused on advertising revenue, so they have very short bitty programmes. I think it's the best way of avoiding arguments with your partner, so in a way it's cheap relationship counselling.

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I needed to find something that I enjoyed doing that could provide a sound investment.I studied fine art and film at Middlesex University, so I have always been interested in design and art, and I've loved architecture and interior design for a long time too, so it seemed that property was my ideal number. It was a two-storey four-bedroom maisonette where I lived with my girlfriend at the time.I bought it from an avant-garde architect, Joe Hagan, who had designed it really well.I collect vintage clothes and have over 30 feet of clothes rails crammed with vintage Gucci, YSL and Dior, but it is too much to keep at home, so it's in storage in Oxford, along with my collections of Elle Decoration magazine, of which I must have every issue since August 1992, and old issues of The Face and Blitz.

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My ideal home would be an old manor house somewhere in England – if not there, then I could be tempted by an ocean-front villa in Miami.Now I have a portfolio of properties, but I'm planning to sell these soon to finance a new project – a boutique hotel in Wales.