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Because this is a bio of a living person, I am removing a lot of material from this article until someone provides cites.-Robotam , 9 March 2007 (UTC) Good point, thanks.-Robotam , 14 June 2007 (UTC) The page mentions his girlfriend Kate died of an OD while pregnant; did the child also die? Redspark09 , (UTC) Cleaned up page, broke most of the page into a "Biography" section which includes Career and Personal Life information. He deserves only the best and if you ever read this Bert, know that im sticking up for you and not letting any say this crap about you!!!!!!!! I have removed material from this article that does not comply with our policy on the biographies of living persons.

Singer KELLY OSBOURNE's relationship with rocker BERT Mc CRACKEN failed because her over-zealous parents made "his life a living hell" because "he didn't shower and was a drug addict". Kelly decided to ignore her mum's warnings and enjoyed...

Teen singer KELLY OSBOURNE shares common ground with hotel heiress PARIS HILTON - an attraction to the rockers from SUM 41.

Kelly Osbourne's former boyfriend Bert Mccracken and his band The Used have been banned from performing in Canada for a decade due to the frontman's criminal record. THE USED frontman BERT MCCRACKEN isn't as tough as his rock star persona - revealing he frequently breaks down in tears. Pop star KELLY OSBOURNE has reportedly found love with screen hunk KEVIN ZEGERS.

rocker, who once dated Kelly Osbourne, says he regularly finds himself overwhelmed...

Anyways he had a girlfriend a couple years ago who overdosed and died. And I love him deeply, Fame got to him so he did some drugs, so what havent we all!?! The drugs came BEFORE the fame In many interveiws Bert has said that he does have problems with drinking. 72.1 , 14 December 2006 (UTC) I really don't think he's married, and anyways, I've never seen/heard any information stating that he was. 29 July, 2007 IMDB has a listing that he's married which isn't true. :] Bert and Ally got married last week in LA fyi OK, most of the shit on this page is exactly that, shit!!!!!He's still got his problems but he's still me hero :) What the hell does this comment have to do with anything, especially the paragraph its connected to? He isn't mormon any longer, it was his choice to stop being mormon.KELLY OSBOURNE's ex-boyfriend has been told he has to give up booze after being diagnosed with pancreatitis.

THE USED frontman BERT Mc CRACKEN admits his partying ways have caused him a series of health crises....

-- Beardo (talk) , 2 January 2008 (UTC) I hate you poser people who go on Wiki looking all cool and THINK you know everything about Bert Mc Cracken. Some of you do but 50% of you dont know wtf ur talking about!