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Good Innovation books typically break down into two categories: consolidators and original thinkers.The consolidators create overall frameworks for innovation and make the overall topic more digestable to the general reader.For example, introducing the hydrogen fuel cell will require many economic agents and individual behaviors to change.A deep understanding of the dynamics of Network Innovation is essential to bringing certain types of innovation to life.scripting-language specification standardized by Ecma International in ECMA-262 and ISO/IEC 16262.It was created to standardize Java Script, so as to foster multiple independent implementations.The proposed fourth edition of ECMA-262 (ECMAScript 4 or ES4) would have been the first major update to ECMAScript since the third edition was published in 1999.The specification (along with a reference implementation) was originally targeted for completion by October 2008.

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Ecma also defined a "Compact Profile" for ECMAScript – known as ES-CP, or ECMA 327 – that was designed for resource-constrained devices, which was withdrawn in 2015.

Wilson cautioned that because the proposed changes to ECMAScript made it backwards incompatible in some respects to earlier versions of the language, the update amounted to "breaking the Web," Eich responded by stating that Wilson seemed to be "repeating falsehoods in blogs" and denied that there was attempt to suppress dissent and challenged critics to give specific examples of incompatibility.

Yahoo, Microsoft, Google, and other 4th edition dissenters formed their own subcommittee to design a less ambitious update of ECMAScript 3, tentatively named ECMAScript 3.1.

As the first "ECMAScript Harmony" specification, it is also known as "ES6 Harmony." intended to continue the themes of language reform, code isolation, control of effects and library/tool enabling from ES2015, includes two new features: the exponentiation operator (**) and Array.prototype.includes.

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New features proposed include concurrency and atomics, zero-copy binary data transfer, more number and math enhancements, syntactic integration with promises (await/async), observable streams, SIMD types, better metaprogramming with classes, class and instance properties, operator overloading, value types (first-class primitive-like objects), records and tuples, and traits.

The intent of these features was partly to better support programming in the large, and to allow sacrificing some of the script's ability to be dynamic to improve performance.