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23-Jan-2020 03:50

The goal is to find out when that person last logged into the website, presumably to chat with someone else.While it may seem like a good, stealthy way to monitor where you stand with your new beau, dating site stalking is a terrible idea.Don't sabotage your chances of happiness by digitally stalking a potential new partner.I want to share a story about what I call "dating site stalking." This term applies to someone who consistently and obsessively checks the profile of a person they've met and begun dating. It seems simple enough: to check up on the person they're now dating and communicating with on an ongoing basis.Checking up on him served no good purpose, and instead of making her better it was making her bitter and insecure.The truth is that stalking her guy's movements on the dating site wasn't the real addiction; the underlying addictive "drug" I'm talking about is called certainty or predictability.As humans, we all desire predictability in our lives.

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