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It's where she spent the last four years writing her memoir, "Boys in the Trees" (Flatiron: 384 pp., .99).

The book has all of the juicy details longtime fans will salivate over: tales about her flirtations with Jack Nicholson and Mick Jagger, her passionate and rocky 10-year marriage to Taylor and, yes, the story behind the lyrics of "You're So Vain." The memoir even has a musical companion, "Songs in the Trees," a two-disc compilation of Simon's music with songs that correlate to different chapters in the book.

More than that, "Boys in the Trees" is about a woman's lifelong quest for self-acceptance.

Growing up, Simon writes, she constantly felt inadequate.

When she started keeping a diary as a girl, she was so uncomfortable seeing words like "sex" and "bra" in print that she invented code names for them. '" she said, picking up her book and flipping to the inside jacket, where she is described using various bold adjectives. (For the record, Simon writes that the second verse of the song is about Warren Beatty.

"I'm sure that James Taylor, if he reads this book, is going to say, 'This isn't how I remember it.' This is the truth as I see it. It's important to me that the kids know we were very close and sincerely in love.

I don't want them to see me through James' eyes, the way James' eyes are looking at me now."As if on cue, Sally suddenly appeared, tip-toeing through the living room on her way to the kitchen.

"Your mind does all the equations around your parents' life before you actually find out the exactitude of it. I painted it my own way."A couple of hours later, away from the house at her art show, Sally said she would frequently ask questions about her mom's past and was granted access to the 50 diaries that Simon drew from to write "Boys in the Trees." And like many children of divorce, Sally's view of her youth is divided into before — surrounded by light and friends and parties — and after, when her parents got sucked into a tug-of-war over who would own the house in Lambert's Cove."What that house really represents is ownership of the experience of being married to each other," Sally said.

"It could have been sold and become part of our history, just like their relationship is. It's like the third child, in a way." 'Soul in danger'When Simon first moved back into Hidden Star Hill, she was so upset that she hoisted the king-sized mattress Taylor and his new girlfriend, Kathryn Walker, had been sleeping on over the balcony.But before Simon wed Taylor in 1972, she had a string of relationships with some of the decade’s most famous actors and musicians.