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21-Jun-2020 08:49

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What’s it like to know that is also going to stream on Netflix in addition to airing on Family Channel? Netflix is huge, everyone that I know knows Netflix. To say you’re a part of such a successful institute is pretty sweet. Ricardo: I think the one thing that is constantly evolving and changing is the technology, just in the world, and that’s something that we’re able to tackle that we haven’t been able to tackle in years past, simply because it hasn’t existed. You’re too tall, or you’re too short, or your hair’s brown, or it’s blonde.

So you’re gonna see some more of that in the next season. It’s easy to get down on yourself when you are in this industry, but if you really believe in yourself and you keep trying and don’t give up you can really see the fruits of your labor. My advice would be to never lose sight of who you are.

We chatted with returning cast members Ana Golja, who plays Zoe Rivas, and Ricardo Hoyos, who plays heartthrob Zig Novak about what to expect on the show. Ricardo: New beginning, exciting, the same old Degrassi everyone has come to know and love, just revamped. And they’re having a nice relationship, and in the coming season, you get to see some of the rough patches.

In 140 characters or less, how would you describe ? And dealing with, you know, normal relationship woes of the teenage psyche.

brings new and familiar faces to the popular Canadian show.

The show tells the stories of Generation Z with equal measures of humor, angst and heart.

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I had fans sending me mail opening up about their experiences with sexual assault and connecting to me. And just the idea of us being part of something that big, at such a scope, making a difference in people’s lives – it’s why we’re on the show, it’s so rewarding. It’s like high school, when you get to grade 12, you still don’t feel like… That always blows my mind that someone could recognize me that I don’t know. Ricardo: I always, when I was a kid, wanted to be Spider-Ricardo. Ana: I will follow that with the ultimate girl fantasy of being a princess.

Ricardo: For me, it was dealing with all of the youth homelessness because my character was squatting at an abandoned house. Ana: You’re like, “time flies.” Episode 15 of and I heard there will be special cameos. Ricardo: You’re going to see some familiar faces from the show’s past. So I think like the new Spider-Man, that would be sweet if I could get in that. If I could play Anne Hathaway’s character in or something like that. What is your advice for young people looking to break into the world of entertainment?