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When the admin server has restarted we are going to configure the Private Key Infrastructure Provider we just created.Go to weblogic console and then: Restart the Admin server again for the changes to take effect.There is a readme file there that tells you how to use it from ANT and WLST.Here, I want to show you how to use it from Maven, and therefore Hudson, etc. For this post, I went into the OSB IDE and created a simple project called osb Project1 which contains a single Proxy Service called (imaginatively) Proxy Service1.In the next section, I will explain how to add a client certificate to an outgoing OSB call.Let’s say I want to connect to my favourite climbing shop they have a nice backend api to take orders.The jar attribute on the configjar element names the output file.Finally, we have the project element under project Level that names the projects we want to include in the that we build. You might want to go check out the OSB documentation to see how to do that. These are essentially the same as in the previous post so I wont repeat them.

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These are all standard from project to project, except for the last one, which is the name of the itself.Simple use case……you want to connect to a customer system over the internet.The customers system has an API but requires 2-way SSL.We are going to add a few more files: Let’s take a look at them now. This is a file we pass to configjar to tell it how to build the for us. Here is an example: In the source element, under project we have a dir attribute that points to the OSB project directory that was created by the OSB IDE, and we most likely check out of a version control system before starting our build.

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All of those exclude elements are telling it to ignore these extra files we have added to the project, and the ones that it will generate.The guys from created a certificate for me to send along with the call.